The lift can raise to a high level enabling more riders to mount and dismount in comfort and with dignity

With access outside and inside the indoor arena

Fitted and installed in September 2022, the Hydraulic Lift was a project supported by many individuals and groups. 

With special mention and thanks to:

  • Atlas Real Estates Ltd.
  • Angela Salisbury
  • Centre of England RDA Group
  • Forge House Estates Ltd. 
  • Lapworth RDA Group
  • Lowlands Farm RDA Group
  • MP Lewis Estates Ltd.
  • and Procceds from RDA Sports Dinner 2022

Dedicated to Ro Pudden MBE, for all her work RDA and Warwickshire's horse loving community.

The Hydraulic lift enables RDA to mount and dismount more participants causing less stress on the rider, volunteers and the horse.